Why Choose Payfer?

Choosing Payfer to send your money abroad will ensure you a cost-efficient and safe transfer process. When you choose our transfer solutions, we promise to keep your money protected.

How it works
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Competitive prices

We provide the most competitive prices possible as well as offering you the best exchange rates for all of your international money transfers which helps to save you money as well as offer you peace of mind that your money will be transferred safely.


We keep your money safe

At Payfer the safety and security of your money is our top priority. We have a number of physical and electronic security measures in place to ensure that your money will arrive at its destination safely, as well as protecting you and our business from money laundering and fraud at all times.


Trusted by many

Our reliable, safe and affordable services have earned us a global client base. See how easy it is for yourself and sign up for an account with Payfer today.


Be there for your family

Payfer means you can always be there for your family, even if you cannot be there in person. Send money to family or loved ones abroad safely and quickly with our online money transfer services.