Privacy policy

Payfer is a global provider of safe and secure money transfer services. This privacy policy outlines our data protection policies of how we use, store and collect information about you when you use our website and money transfer services. We may change our privacy policy at any time without prior notice, so please make sure that you check back to this page regularly

1. Introduction

• This privacy policy applies to you use of this website and how you interact with it for the following reasons:

• When you use Payfer’s services

• When you interact with Payfer through contacting us

• When you set up an account with Payfer

2. Why we collect and use personal information

• We collect and process personal information about you so that we may interact with you and so you access and use the money transfer services provided by

• All information is collected with the main purpose of being able to operate our business safely and efficiently as well as being able to provide money transfer services.

• We may also use the information that we have collected from you in order to interact with our customers, answer questions and respond to complaints as well as processing all payment requests.

• Some of the information that we collect and process we are required to do so by law.

• You may withdraw your consent to provide us with information, or you may choose to not provide us with any personal information, but if you do not then we will not be able to provide you with the full services of this website.

3. Personal information that we collect about you

⦁ When you interact with us or when you set up an account on then we may collect personal information about you which we are able to use in order to identify you as an individual.

• This personal information could include:

• Your first and last name

• Your address

• Your phone number

⦁ Your date of birth

⦁ Your banking information

⦁ Information required by KYC verification checks to confirm your identity

⦁ We may also collect additional information about you, such as your country of birth or where you reside as well as your government identification, passport or driving license.

4. How personal information is collected

⦁ We collect personal information about you in a number of ways, including:

⦁ Directly from you when you interact with us, our website or when you directly provide us with information in order to set up an account on our website.

⦁ Indirectly from other sources, such as public databases where the information is already publicly available, as well as from social media accounts.

5.Other information we collect about you

⦁ We may also collect other information about you that does not identify you personally, but could include:

⦁ Browser device, name and information

⦁ Information collected through Cookies

⦁ Demographic information

⦁ Information that has been aggregated for analysis purposes

6. How we collect other information about you

⦁ We may collect other information about you in a variety of ways, including:

• Through your website browser or browsing device.

⦁ Through your IP (Internet Protocol) address.

• We use this information to ensure that our services are running efficiently

7. How we use personal and other information about you

⦁ We use personal and other information about you in order to perform our legitimate business interests, which include:

⦁ Completing business transactions, responding to questions and complaints as well as providing you with customer service.

⦁ Sending you information about your transactions as well as other important administrative messages.

⦁ In order to personalise your experience when you return to use our services.

⦁ To invite you to participate in promotions or other similar offers.

⦁ In order to operate and grow our business through conducting data analysis, auditing activities, developing new products, modifying our services and identifying any usage trends.

⦁ In order to monitor our services to prevent fraud, money laundering or any other potential harmful or illegal activities.

⦁ In order to meet legal, auditing, regulatory or security processing requirements such as KYC verification checks.

• To respond to any court orders or investigations.

⦁ In order to send you any marketing material, however this is optional.

⦁ In order to comply with any applicable laws which could include laws which are outside of your country of residence.

⦁ In order to respond to requests from any public and government authorities, which could include any authorities which are outside of your country of residence.

⦁ In order to cooperate with law enforcement, or for any other legal reasons.

⦁ In order to enforce our terms and conditions.

⦁ In order to protect our rights, privacy, safety and property.

8. How we share and disclose information

We share and disclose personal information that we collect about you with:

⦁ Our subsidiaries and any other affiliated entitles in order to fulfil the process of our business.

⦁ Any third party vendors which provide us with IT services, such as website hosting, data analysis, the secure processing of payments, fulfilling orders, IT and other tech infrastructure, customer services and email delivery.

⦁ Any third party vendors which provide us with services which are related to our marketing communications which you have the choice to opt in and out of.

⦁ Other third parties that would be involved in the event that the company was involved in a merger, sale, new joint venture, assignment, transfer or any other business disposition which would include some or all of our assets and stock such as bankruptcy proceedings.

9. Security

⦁ We use all reasonable technical and physical measures to ensure the safety of your information at all times. Please be aware that no data storage or transmission on the internet can ever be 100% secure.

⦁ If you believe someone has breached your account or you are otherwise at a security risk then please get in touch with us using the information at the bottom of this privacy policy as soon as possible.

10. Your rights and accessing your personal information

⦁ All users have the right to be able to view, correct, update, suppress, restrict, or delete any of the personal information that you may have provided us with.

⦁ You may also request to have an electronic copy of your personal information in the event that you need to transfer this information to another company.

⦁ Please be aware that we may need to confirm your identity before responding to any requests regarding your information.

11. How long do we keep your personal information for?

⦁ We keep all personal information for as long as is necessary for us to fulfil the original purpose that it was collected for.

⦁ We may keep information for a longer period as is requested by law.

⦁ Once information is no longer needed for its original purpose, it will be securely removed from our servers in accordance with this privacy policy.

12. Get in touch

If you would like to exercise any of your rights, would like to know more about the information that we hold on you or have any other questions relating to this privacy policy then please get in touch using our contact page.